Guide to Choosing an Accountant for Your Blinds and Curtains Business in Cheshire

Cheshire Accountants

An accountant for most businesses is the most valuable advisor. This is why it is important to choose the right accountant for your business. Invest time and effort into the process of choosing an accountant because they have a big role to play in the success of your business. They will work on your books and tax planning. You don’t have to worry about tax deadlines because they handle that. Hiring the right one will give you peace of mind as you focus on the other important aspects of your business. Below are tips that will help you choose the right accountant for your blinds and curtains business in Cheshire.

Research early-on

If you want to hire an accountant, then you need to do it before starting the business or as soon as you can. The accountant is going to help with start-up expenses and registering with the tax authorities. They can help you form the company and register it with the relevant authorities. This makes things easier for you because you get to work with a professional who has experience in that area. There is a lot they bring that you would normally struggle with.


Blinds and Curtains Accountant in CheshireBefore hiring an Cheshire blinds and curtains accountant, make sure they are fully qualified. A mistake people usually make is assuming that all accountants out there are qualified. It doesn’t hurt to find out whether the one you want to hire is qualified or not. Make sure they are a member of a recognised accountancy body. The common accountancy bodies are ACCA and ICAEW. A qualified accountant will be ready to share with you this information. If not, move on to the next option.

Use an accountant who has specialised in your type of business

Cheshire MapIf you are a small blinds and curtains business, you are going to benefit a lot if you choose to work with an accountant who has experience working with small businesses. If you happen to get one who has experience working with other businesses in your industry, it is even better. There are those who have focused on a specific area. You should consider those who have specialised over the ‘general’ ones because they have more experience with what you need help with.


Before you choose an accountant, find out how much they charge for their services. Are they charging monthly or annually? Do they have entry or exit fees? How are they going to charge extra work – if it falls outside the agreed tasks? Are you going to be charged ‘catch up’ fees when you move from another accountant before the end of the year?

Accountants have different rates. Have a budget and look for one within that range. Make sure you know all the costs before you hire so you don’t end up regretting later.

Services offered

There are a couple of core duties that accountants are expected to carry out. Some of them are; accounting for VAT, completing the annual accounts if it is a limited company, setting up a payroll, dealing with HMRC, etc. There are some additional services you might need from the accountant. Let them know the services you need and whether they offer them.

Talk to more than one accountant

Cheshire MapDon’t make the mistake of going with the first option you come across in Cheshire. Take your time and look at a number of options, then choosing one you think works best for your blinds and curtains business. Contact different accountants then see how comfortable you are working with them. You can tell a lot about an accountant when you meet for the first time. An accountant is going to play an important role in your business, take your time and chose the right option. Discuss your needs with the accountant before you hire him/her.


Communication is very important and it can determine the experience you have working with an accountant. You will have a hard time dealing with an accountant that is poor in communication. A small mistake because of poor communication can have serious consequences. You can end up facing penalties because the paperwork was not done in time and you have to wait days for the accountant to reply to a question. Choose an accountant who is good at communication so you can always know the financial position of your business.


Technology has become part and parcel of accounting. Accountants use online accounting software like Sage, Xero, and FreeAgent. Accounting software has revolutionised life for both clients and accountants. It is now easy to keep accountants up-to-date and check the status of payments and tax liabilities in an instant. Avoid Cheshire accountants who haven’t adopted cloud software yet.

Hiring an accountant for your blinds and curtains company shouldn’t be that hard when you use the above tips. Take your time and choose an accountant who is the right fit for your company. Make sure you choose someone you feel comfortable working with.